Bienvenida + Tips para las mejores foto con amigas!!

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¿Que tal chicas? Comos encuentran!? Les contaré que alfin he comenzado este blog sobre las chicas principalmente, será tu súper apoyo, siguenos es gratis jaja, bueno aqui te dejo una buena entrada sobre tips para hacer fotos con amigas, se creativa y se tú!
I wish I had more gilfriends to to this with

1.  Mostrando el Cabello
Aprovecha tu precioso cabello y el de tus amigas para mostrarlo en tus fotos, puedes hacer distintos diseños con ellos, se creativa, y si no tienes un cabello que te guste o genial puedes seguir visitando nuestro blog semanalmente!, aqui te dejo unas fotos para que te inspires
Best friends. Picture like this this summer? Yes? Please? @Samantha Sullivan TBPI @Jaden Brown
Kayla me you and Mallory need to do this just one day take a whole bunch of pictures @Kayla Barkett dean
Girls Suck... Apparently | The Odyssey Great article about rising above the fray and keeping away from the mean girls!
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con la palabra love, o con corazoncitos, las mejores amigas son incodicionales asi que esta manera creativa les encantará!!!
3 people, Friendship, beach, heart. this is like what we did! say whaaaa!?! @trulyblonde97 @lindseyewells
I want to do this with someone!
cute pictures to take with your best friend at the beach - Google Search

3. Al aire libre
Salgan juntas algún dia al aire libro, la naturaleza, a camping, a la casa de una amiga, a un parque, un cerro, sean originales!!!! e inspirense en estas poses!!!
6 Tips for Taking Better Pictures in the City (if you click the picture) OR Read 'Beyond the Flash' on Canons site by going to this link: www.learn.usa.can...
cute! @Corinne Abramowitz Abramowitz Everdeen this gave me an idea for a "Hope" picture - K and P standing like this but with their hands clasped instead of just placed, and looking down at the ground kind of thoughtfully. what do you think?
@trinity jackson Lorrain we need to do something in NYC like this! BEST FRIEND PICTURE!
“However rare true love may be, it is less so than true friendship.” ― Albert Einstein Would be great for a best friend shot and quote for the album.

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